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FSN safety rubber tiles

The FSN rubber tiles are the highest category of our shock-absorbing coverings. The redesigned bottom
structure has even higher power absorption, as the same thickness of the FS basic type. On the two parallel sides of the improved FSN 50x50 cm rubber tiles have been formed with 6-6 connected holes, where 2 holes provide compatibility with FS and Granugrass types, while the new 2-2 connecting holes can be used by shifting the tiles 25% and 75%.

To create the most varied colour and pattern combinations we offer the new size of 50x100 cm, without middle division (available between 30-50 mm thick tiles), with 12-12 connecting holes on their long sides. By shifting the tiles to different rates and by alternating tile sizes, almost any pattern can be created, even a parquet pattern.

The material composition and the installation requirements of the products are the same as described for the FS type.

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