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The main advantage and innovation of the Granugrass® safety tiles is the perfect integration of the synthetic turf and the shock-absorbing rubber tiles into a single, inseparable structure.

The synthetic grass is glued to the entire surface of the underlaying tile, not only on the top but on all sides of the tile. The connection tubes also run through the folded sides of the synthetic grass, completing the integrity of the coating. The upper edges of the tiles are rounded, their lower surface is ribbed for better drainage.

Through the properties of Granugrass® safety tiles provide:

- a friendly, close-to-nature feel of green synthetic grass,

- an excellent abrasion resistance of the synthetic grass,

- the rubber tile’s outstanding shock absorbing capacity,

- the simple, easy laying of the tiles,

- the well-known advantages of a water permeable covering.

Granugrass® cover is an ideal choice for covering playgrounds, public parks and terraces.

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