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Horse stable tiles

The increased popularity of equestrian sports increasingly requires the extraordinary safe keeping of higher value horses. Due to this, the covering of horse stable fl oorings by rubber tiles is getting more and more widespread in order to protect the joints and ligaments of the racehorses. Its application is also economical due to the elasticity of the rubber tiles, and the continuous amount of straw to be replaced can be significantly reduced.

Our special cover developed for this purpose is made of highly compressed larger rubber granules, thus securing the floor stability and load-bearing capacity. The tile is made of a urea-stable polyurethane binder. The special “studs” on the bottom provide increased fluid permeability and stagnant water prevention, as well as more intense bottom ventilation. The upper edges have the usual rounded design. 

For additional protection of horses, cover sidewalls are also recommended, for this the multifunction elastic sheet, described above, to prevent knee injuries should be used.

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